The Chouxrrito

by Barry Lewis


55g buter (1/4 cup)
60g plain flour (1/2 cup)
150ml water (2/3 cup)
2 beaten eggs
2tbsp fajita seasoning

fillings of your choice!

It’s the start of a new themed Month, after Mug Month and such stonkers as this cheesecake in a mug it’s time to move on and you guys voted for…. hybrid Month!! Which means crazy combinations coming together, first up is this invention James & I came up with called ‘The Chouxrrito’ a burrito crossed with a spicy Mexican style homemade choux pastry!

Start off by making the choux pastry, so add the water and the butter to a pan and bring up to a simmer. The moment it hits the simmer take it off the heat so that the water does not evaporate. Meanwhile combine the flour with the fajita seasoning in a small bowl and mix together. With the butter water mixture just hitting that simmer away from the heat and the flour and beat in well, it will go thick at first, then beat through for a further minute until smooth, as one big dough ball that does not cling to the pan.

Off the heat, gradually whisk in the beaten egg in 2 batches. It will be a porridge mixture at first, but again it will turn smooth (you can finish this step with a spoon if you like).

Place on a lined baking tray in two dollops and splash on a little water to help create steam. Put in the oven on gas mark 6 for ten minutes, then lower the temperature for a further 8-10 mins at gas mark 4. Here is a cooking temperature converter if you are using an electric oven. Do not open the oven at all during baking as the steam will escape, but do keep an eye on them as they rise and to look out for them potentially catching too soon or burning.

Once out of the oven and cooled, make a cross incision at the bottom of the choux pastry, which should be smelling amazing and simply fill with your favourite Mexican style ingredients. I went for chicken, peppers & onions with rice, sour cream, cheese & guacamole! This was incredible, you must give this a try!

If you have any ideas for hybrid Month let me know, and if you try the chouxrrito let me know how you get on!

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