British Guy Tries MORE American Snacks

by Barry Lewis

Foreign supermarkets are just incredible to me! It’s not necessarily that the snacks and foods are weird, but they’re all so different and I could spend absolutely hours in there just walking around looking at everything!

I had to make a decision though, so I did 6 snacks in Part 1 of this USA snacks taste test, and today I’m doing another 6, with a little extra Patreon exclusive one too. If you want to get access to see that, it’s over on my PVC tier here.

I wasn’t sure if I would ever post this video to all you folks, in fact even Part 1 I wasn’t sure about. But the general feedback was good and you wanted more, so here it is!

The one I just had to try as it was so on brand, YouTube brand that is, was the Mr Beast Feastable Cookies. The ones I picked were plant based and gluten free. Are they as good as they sound or do they just sell on the Mr Beast name? You’ll have to watch and find out! 

There’s also an “original marshmallow sandwich”, another type of cereal, a drink that’s probably my favourite snack so far, a biscuit with (maybe?!) a chicken in it, some wall-tiling cheese, and a little cameo from Mrs B to test out the spiciness of some crisps!

So here are 6 more foods that I found in an American supermarket that Americans would probably be like “Well yeah, that’s completely normal”! And make sure you stay tuned to the end for a house tour!