BFG frobscottle

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
5 mins
Cook time
5 mins


8 kiwi fruits

2 limes

200ml lemonade

100ml raspberry yoghurt

300ml cream soda

1 vitamin c tablet

green food colouring

Ever seen the BFG & wondered how they make frobscottle? In the third MVK tries, Phoebe & Chloe use Roald Dahl’s revolting recipe book to bring frobscottle to life! A green bubbly looking drink with quite a fizzy kick, you’ll love this! Although it’s supposed to make you trump a little bit, we didn’t experience this yet!

The recipe is from the Roald Dahl revolting recipe cookbook, so i’m just typing our experience in our own words.

First up peel all of the kiwi fruit, and add them to a blender / food processor – it may help to chop it into smaller pieces, or if you have a high powered smoothie maker like we ended up using, this will do nicely! Squeeze the juice from 2 limes and also add this to the processor, whizz away until smooth. Pour into a large jug through a sieve to pick off most of the seeds, use a wooden spoon to help it through the sieve.

Now stir in the yoghurt, cream soda and lemonade until well combined. The colour has probably weakened a bit now, so you can add some drops of green food colouring gel until happy with the colour. Pour into serving glasses and then drop in a vitamin c tablet and watch the mixture bubble up – there we have it, your very own homemade frobscottle from Roald Dahl himself! Enjoy

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