Beef Enchilada

by Barry Lewis

Cook time
45 mins


serves 4
500g beef mince (swap with quorn mince for vegetarian)
4 tortilla wraps
2 peppers
400g salsa (strength of your choice)
400g grated cheese
100g kidney beans
2tbsp sweet chilli sauce
sour cream & freshly chopped coriander


In this video recipe Barry shows you how to make beef enchiladas. This recipe is very easy, relatively mild and can easily be adapted to suit vegetarians. It’s basically all about putting your personalisation into it. The tortillas are given a little sweet chilli sauce edge to give a hidden kick, but again, this is really up to you how far you take it. Whatever you do you’ll absolutely love this dish, comforting, speedy, easily feeds 4 people – get involved in this – goes great with a side salad.