1960’s Igloo Meatloaf

by Barry Lewis


For the meatloaf part
1.5kg beef mince
100g breadcrumbs
6tbsp onion granules
2tsp salt
1/8tsp pepper (maybe be cheeky & add more)
300ml evaporated milk
Potato Topping
325ml water
180ml evaporated milk
1/2 tspn salt
1 tbsp butter
100g instant mashed potato
To garnish
Red leicester cheese slice
Parsley (very optional)

This recipe is not only an accidental small history lesson on the benefits of evaporated milk in the past but also the very meaning of ‘play with your food’. This Meatloaf igloo was a recipe created to inspire children to eat main food groups as part of a larger feast with Meatloaf being the headline act, I would do anything for meat loaf, but I won’t do that. Well, I did and…. well, have a look!