Light my kitchen!

by Barry Lewis

So here’s some pretty cool news then folks….. in the New Year I have managed to secure a kitchen set to use very local to where I live with access 24 Hours a Day, all Year round!

Now this journey for me has always been about gradually improving, not just my cooking skills, i’m talking editing, presenting, camera techniques…. from starting off using a chopping board as a tripod we have come pretty far indeedy! So now after 5 Years in my kitchen at home it is time to move into a new studio that I can really make the most of, this is really exciting and my family are all very excited too. I will still film some recipe videos in the house when I can, but one thing i’ve never really talked about in my videos is how limited I am with lighting when it comes to making videos (although you’ve probably seen that already in some!), also that fact that it is our home kitchen it is getting increasingly impractical to film in during certain times, so i’m not really having a chance to make the most of my time making videos for you guys. The new setup is going to offer so much more, and will mean I can film more with my family, friends and guests (you if you like!!).

Essentially it means:

* I can create more content
* Do more cooking with my kids, family, friends & guests
* Be in a setting with consistent lighting
* Interact with you guys on a level I could not do previously
* Introduce you to a host of friends that will appear in videos

It will be nice to have a change of scenery, and I think deep down Mrs Barry is secretly excited to not have a kitchen filled with random bits, i’ve collected some odd stuff over the Years so it will be good to have a home for it.

A great example is in the video above where Phoebe has got home from School and I wanted to do a recipe video with Her, but unfortunately it’s way too dark to give that consistent quality I want to achieve. This in the past has restricted the content I want to upload, so it’s really cool to see how far we can take this.

And you can help me, in fact, I need your help!! ….. The studio does not have any decent light fittings at present and is really dark! I have created a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to try and raise money to get some LED studio lighting for it called light my kitchen, so check out the full information on the page there and look at some of the cool perks – such as signed books, video messages I can offer in return. And if you cannot support financially, if you share on social media using the tools on the campaign page (it must be done through here) I can see who is helping and being my top referrers – it really is just as beneficial to me to spread the word.

I hope you are as excited about this move as I am, no doubt I will be keeping you up to date with the move in future videos and asking for your opinion on bits and bobs that I may be adding, from the colour of the walls to the props in the background!

Thanks for all of your support with this crazy journey so far! There’ll be a separate page with all the names of the people who have pledged on this website at the end of the project and i’ll be doing a big roll call once the campaign is over!